FFXIV:ARR Adventures — Day 29

With all the fun story questing done this past weekend, and the knowledge that some of the ending stuff is for level 49 and 50, I decided to work towards those goals tonight.

  • I decided to finish off the grand company rank 2 hunting logs, and check to see if I could get a promotion.  I ended up using some seals to get a new bow.
  • I did some FATE’s in the western and south-western parts of Central Coerthas, as well as several in Mor Dhona, and dinged level 46.
  • I finished up the previous two story quests, Drowning the Voices and Acting the Part.
  • I did the next several story quests
    • Dressed for Conquest — no obligatory Imperial uniform picture, as I forgot to take one.
    • Fool Me Twice
    • Every Little Thing She Does is Magitek
    • Escape from Castrum Centri — Epic, really fun fight!  Epic cutscenes!
    • The Black Wolf’s Ultimatum — another set of Epic cutscenes!
    • I started Operation Archon, but because of where it was and the late hour, I didn’t do much with it.

  • I did the quest Going for Gold in Vesper’s Bay to unlock the Aurum Vale dungeon.
  • I switched over to Thaumaturge and did few FATE’s, side-quests, and checked off a few hunting log entries.
    • For Their Eyes Only
    • By the Toe



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